Back Office Service


We are proud to provide a local professional and comprehensive service for Residents Management Companies in the Swindon area. We are well-respected locally by leaseholders and professionals in the property sector.

This reputation has been gained over many years and is as a result of concentrating on our core areas of expertise, local people, local agents, local tradesmen, local professionals and local property.

We have declined numerous requests to act as Block Management Agents for leaseholders who are not in our local area. This is because we believe that to offer a professional service we can only do so if we are local. For instance, it is uneconomic to send our contractors to attend to maintenance issues many miles away or for our staff to undertake regular remote site inspections.

We do however, team up with Residents Management Companies and property agents all over the country to bring together their local experience and expertise and our leasehold property and accounting knowledge to provide a cohesive professional service to leaseholders.

We take care of the Back Office accounting and administration and the RMC or property agent handles Front Office local site issues such as maintenance and leaseholder issues.

The only difference that leaseholders notice with our Back Office service is that they have a choice of two telephone numbers and email addresses for contact purposes. One for accounts/ administration and one for maintenance.

Our Back Office service includes:

  1. Service Charges and Ground Rent demands:
  • Issue of Ground Rent demands.
  • Issue of Service Charges demands.
  • Issue of Administration Charges.
  1. Collection of debts
  • Collection of monies due from leaseholders including reminders and final notices.
  • Issue of County Court summons if required.
  • Letters to mortgage companies.
  • Issue of Charging Orders.
  1. Accounting Records
  • Maintenance of accounting records – making these available to leaseholders and independent auditors as required.
  • Maintenance of Service charge payment records.
  • Preparation of agreed annual budgets and forward forecasts including sinking funds and reserve accounts.
  • Maintenance of dedicated client bank account.
  • Payment of contractor’s invoices and other expenditure.
  1. Insurance
  • Arrangement of buildings insurance.
  • Arrangement of directors and officers insurance.
  • Dealing with insurance claims.
  1. Company Secretarial
  • Filling the role of Company Secretary
  • Company Secretary services as appropriate (maintaining records and statutory registers of members or shareholders, and directors, calling meetings and preparing notices and minutes of meetings we have attended.
  • Issuing member and or shareholder certificates, completing and submitting Annual Return to Companies House etc.
  1. Website
  • Set-up and maintenance of a dedicated website for the development to include; copies of insurance documents, annual accounts, expenditure year to date, expenditure forecasts, correspondence, notices and other useful information.
  1. Lease assignments and enquiries
  • Responding to enquiries from solicitors at the time of sale or re-mortgage of property.  Receiving and processing notices of assignment/mortgage/charge.  A charge will be made to the respective parties to reflect the work involved.

Front Office provided by the local agent/Residents Management Company:

  1. Site maintenance
  • Regular site inspections.
  • Organization of contract cleaning and gardening.
  • Organization of minor or reactive maintenance and repair of structure and common parts including grounds.
  1. Miscellaneous
  • Dealing with disputes and complaints from or between leaseholders

Services provided in conjunction with local agent/Residents Management Company:

  1. Site maintenance
  • Preparation and annual review of forward maintenance programme
  • Maintenance and review of Contractors’ insurance cover.
  • Specification, tendering, running and supervision of larger maintenance and repair contracts where S 20 Notices are required.
  1. Correspondence & Meetings
  • Maintenance of leaseholder contact details and correspondence
  • Calling, chairing (if required) and preparation of minutes of Annual General Meeting.
  • Attendance at up to two directors meetings per year.
  • Telephone calls and emails to and from leaseholders, contractors etc.
  • Issue of notices in respect of breaches of lease.
  1. Miscellaneous
  • Responsibility for risk management and health and safety generally at the client property, and compliance with fire, electrical and asbestos safety requirements in the common parts.