Trent Road Right To Manage

Trent Road RTM Company Ltd


The above company was established on behalf of leaseholders in order to exercise the Right To Manage for Drake House, Trent Road,  Swindon, SN25 3NG.

The director of Trent Road RTM Company Ltd believes that the leaseholders will benefit from exercising the Right To Manage.

The Right To Manage is exercised on a block by block basis and at least 50% of the leaseholders of each block must support the move.

A formal invitation to leaseholders to join the company and participate in the management of the site was sent to all leaseholders of Drake House in the format laid down by statute.

Invitation to Participate – 29 December 2015

RTM Claim Notice:

A Notice of Claim was issued in respect of Drake House whose leaseholders are all members of the RTM Company.

As the Freeholder did not dispute the claim,  Trent Road RTM Company Ltd assumed responsibility for managing Drake House on 1 July 2016.

Articles of Association

Following the successful Right to Manage claim a dedicated website has been established for Trent Road.