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There are a number of excellent sources of information for leaseholders on the internet.

Leaseholder’s Rights and Responsibilities

This 147 page advisory book from the Communities and Local Government details the rights and responsibilities which currently apply to long leaseholders in England. It is primarily for long leaseholders of flats (including maisonettes) and houses, but may also be of interest to landlords and their agents.

Leasehold Advisory Service (LEASE)

An independent agency which is funded by the government. It provides free legal advice to leaseholders, landlords, professional advisers, managers and others on the law on residential leasehold and commonhold.

Website: www.lease-advice.org


The provisions of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and 2005 require service providers to make reasonable adjustments to property so as to prevent discrimination against the disabled.

Association of Retirement Housing Managers Note on Disability Discrimination
HM Office for Disability Issues Good Practice FactSheet 2

Ethical Landlord:

Saga Ethical Landlord Guide

Codes of Practice:

RICS Service Charge Residential Management Code
ICAEW Service Charges Technical Release
ICAS Service Charges Technical Release

Right To Manage:

The Leasehold Advisory Service Guide to Right To Manage
Right To Manage regulations 2010

Fly Tipping and dumping

Fly-tipping is ‘the illegal deposit of any waste onto land, or any waste dumped or tipped on a site with no licence to accept waste’. Fly-tipped waste generally consists of large items of rubbish that are dumped illegally on land instead of being disposed of properly at a landfill site or tip. Some people refer to this as ‘dumping’.

ENCAMS Fly-tiping and the Law guide


No smoking in communal areas sign

Private Roads:

Private Roads are roads that have not been adopted by a local authority. The maintenance charges and rights of way are shared by the properties that enjoy the use of the road.

House of Commons note SN/BT/402

Dog Fouling and the Law

Permitting a dog to foul areas used by others is Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB). The maximum penalty for committing an offence under a Dog Control Order is £1000 in a Magistrates Court. Leases do not usually permit dogs to be kept in leaseholder property without express permission. The leaseholder can face eviction, forfeiture and other costs

Dog Fouling and the Law – a guide for the public

Late Payment Legislation leaflet