Letting Standards

These pages set out the letting standards that our properties will meet when they are let to new tenants.

The intention of these standards is to strike a balance between ensuring that the property is safe, clean and in a reasonable state of repair and the need to return properties to use as quickly as possible to reduce rent loss and to improve the living conditions of the incoming tenant.

We will endeavour to undertake all works before the tenant moves into the property, but, where works are not of an urgent nature, we may give an undertaking to carry them out after the tenant has moved in. In those cases, a target time for completion will be given.

We will ensure that the condition of the property does not put at risk the health and safety of the tenant. In particular, we will:-

• Ensure that all gas and electricity supplies and appliances are safe to use. Tenants will be provided with the appropriate certificates to confirm that the supplies have been checked by a “competent” person and that they are safe to use;

• Ensure that any asbestos present in the property is identified and, where necessary, has been removed in accordance with the required standard. Where asbestos-containing material is left in the property, we will ensure the tenant is advised of its presence;

• Ensure that the property is free from dampness and any other structural defect;

• Provide all tenants with advice on dealing with, or minimising, condensation. Heating, Hot Water and Plumbing

• provide at least one smoke detector that will be checked and working at the commencement of tenancy.

• provide a fire blanket.

• provide emergency contact numbers.

All systems for heating and supply of hot water will be checked to ensure they are safe and operating correctly.

All plumbing services will be checked to ensure they are water-tight and in good working order.

All stopcocks will be labelled to identify their purpose.


All kitchen units will be checked to confirm they are operationally sound, clean and fit for use. Where replacement units are required, this will be of the same quantities as originally provided.

Kitchen sinks should be fit for purpose and taps should be securely mounted and fully operational.

Missing or broken tiles will be replaced to match existing wherever possible. If this is not possible, defective tiling will be replaced.

Where necessary, worktop joints will be raked-out and replaced with a suitable mastic.

Bathrooms and Toilets

All properties will be provided with a bathroom and toilet with the following facilities (space permitting), which will be clean and free from damage:-

bath and panel (and/or shower)

toilet and seat

toilet cistern

wash-hand basin

We will replace toilet seats and missing plugs and chains from baths and wash-hand basins.

All joints around fittings will be sealed with a suitable waterproof mastic.

All broken/missing tiles will be replaced to match existing, where possible. If this is not possible, defective tiling will be replaced.

Walls around the bath will be tiled to a height of at least three tiles. Where a shower has been installed, full height tiling will be provided to adjacent walls.


All rooms should be in a reasonable state of decoration.

We will undertake redecoration prior to re-letting, if necessary.


We will ensure that all properties are clean and all sanitary-ware, kitchen sinks, worktops and kitchen cupboards have been cleaned. All other rubbish will be removed.


Stairs and balustrades will be checked and repaired to ensure they are safe.

Paths and Driveways

Footpaths (where are owned by the company) will be repaired where they represent a hazard to residents and visitors.

Windows and Doors

We will:-

• replace all broken and cracked panes of glass;

• check all windows and doors to ensure that they open and close properly;

• provide keys for all window locks;

• provide one set of keys for external doors.

NB. UPVC window and door renewal will normally only be carried out as part of our Major Works Programme.


Floors should be level and safe.

Floorboards must be free from rot and securely fixed.

Kitchen and bathroom floor tiles will be replaced if they are broken or missing.

Fences and Gates

Where boundaries belong to us, they will be repaired if necessary to ensure the property is secure, but work will only be undertaken prior to occupation in cases where a safety risk is present.

Garages and Outbuildings

All garages and outbuildings will be checked and any general defects recorded. Any work required will be undertaken as part of our cyclical maintenance programme, where appropriate.

Gas Safety

Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998

Annual Safety Checks – As your Landlord we are required by Law to carry out a gas safety check to ensure that the gas appliances and flues which have been provided for tenants’ use are maintained in a safe condition at all times and checked for safety each year by a Gas Safe registered installer, and a copy of the check record is provided to the tenant.
These Regulations aim to prevent injury to consumers and the public from either carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning or fire and explosion by ensuring that appliances are working correctly.

Tenant responsibilities – You are required to give your landlord access to the property annually to carry out maintenance or safety checks on appliances and/or flues that they provide for your use.

Your tenancy agreement states “We reserve the right to force entry to your premises under the following circumstances which you will be charged for:
• to comply with its statutory duties and obligations, for example, to check the safety of gas appliances and installations and any other services;
• to inspect or rectify a situation where there is, or may be, a health and safety issue arising”.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

All properties with gas appliances will be fitted with a carbon monoxide detector that will be checked and working at commencement of tenancy.

Smell Gas

• If you smell gas call Transo free immediately on 0800 111 999 and remember;
• Don’t smoke or strike matches
• Don’t turn electrical switches on or off
• Do put out naked flames
• Do open windows and doors
• Do keep people away from the affected area
• Do turn off the meter at the control valve – which is a lever attached to your gas meter