End of Tenancy Arrangements

End of Tenancy Arrangements

Please call us a few days before your tenancy is due to end to make end of tenancy arrangements with us. We will arrange a time to come and check through the inventory, inspect the property and take final meter readings with you.

Inventory check

It will assist in checking the inventory if you work through the inventory list prior to our arrival and place all items in their original locations.

Property inspection

The property should be left clean and tidy. In particular please remember to fully defrost the refrigerator and clean the inside of the oven and microwave. In the event that a cleaner needs to be employed the cost will be deducted from your security deposit. It would be very helpful if you could notify us at this stage of any maintenance requirements that have not previously been notified to us such as plumbing, electrical and any other items that may not be immediately obvious on visual inspection.


These should be handed over following the final inventory check and meter readings.

Utility companies

We will notify the following;
• Electricity company – please advise us who the current supplier is at the time
• Gas company (if connected) – please advise us who the current supplier is at the time
• Local Council (re: Council tax)
• Thames Water
You are also welcome to notify them of your departure, readings and forwarding address.

Security deposit

This will be refunded (less any agreed deductions for breakages or damage etc) by the third party holding your deposit. You will need to provide us with your forwarding address for this.

Please remember the following:

• Telephone land line service – please make arrangements for termination or transfer.
• Postal re-direction, we suggest you arrange this with the Post Office. (We will forward or return any mail whilst the property is empty, but cannot guarantee that a new tenant will do likewise.)
• TV Licence – to be transferred to your new address.


We are pleased to offer references to past tenants direct to new landlords or mortgage companies.

Check List For Vacating Tenants

It is a condition of the tenancy that professional cleaning is arranged at the end of your tenancy at your expense. We will however waive this if we are of the opinion that the property is left in an extremely good condition.

1. Carpets

i. All or some of the carpets may require cleaning and arrangements should be made for this to be carried out by a professional cleaning company. In any event this is necessary if pets of any sort have been kept in the premises. If you require us to arrange this for you we will be happy to do so at your expense.

ii. Carpets not professionally cleaned should be carefully vacuumed, attention being paid behind and under beds, under items of furniture and along skirting boards. Vacuum cleaner bags should be emptied and replaced.

2. Curtains

i. All nets should be washed and ironed and rehung and kitchen curtains should be cleaned. Any other heavy curtains that have become soiled may need dry cleaning. Blinds should be cleaned and free of dust.

3. Furniture and household effects

i. These should be replaced to the positions in which they appear on the inventory, of which you have a copy. A charge will be made for time spent locating items not returned to their original position, this includes furniture and all kitchen equipment.

ii. You are obliged to bring to our attention any damage or breakages that have occurred during the course of your tenancy.

iii. All lampshades should be cleaned and dust free.

iv. All wooden furniture should be dust free and polished.

v. Skirting boards should be dust free and washed where necessary.

vi. Ceilings should be cobweb free.

4. The Cooker

i. The cooker should be cleaned thoroughly with oven cleaner, and this should include the shelves in the oven, the glass door, grill and griddle, hotplates, drip tray and if the oven is freestanding it should be pulled out and the sides and the floor underneath cleaned. Cooker hoods should be cleaned and grease free and the filters replaced.

5. Microwave

i. Should be cleaned inside and out with care taken to clean the roof of the microwave.

6. Cupboards

i. The insides of cupboards and drawers, particularly in the kitchen, should be washed out.

7. Refrigerators and freezers

i. Should be switched off, emptied, defrosted and wiped out, and the doors left open.

8. Baths, WCs, wash hand basins and kitchen sinks

i. Should be clean and any lime stains should be removed by using the appropriate solutions, which can be obtained from any hardware stores. Once cleaned WCs should be bleached.

9. Shower curtains

i. Should be washed and if necessary replaced.

10. Washing machine

i. Should be emptied, soap dispensers washed out and the filter cleaned.

11. Ironing board

i. Scorched or marked ironing board covers should be replaced.

12. Windows

i. Should be cleaned inside and out otherwise this will be done automatically and the amount deducted from your deposit.

ii. Window frames should be wiped clean throughout the property, particularly where condensation has formed.

13. Rubbish

i. All rubbish should be bagged and disposed of. If rubbish bags are left at the property a charge of £20 plus £5 per bag will be made for disposal.

14. Garage (if any)

i. Should be swept out.

15. The gardens (if any)

i. Should be left in a neat and tidy condition with boarders recently dug, lawns cut and edged with shrubs pruned as appropriate. Any necessary work will be carried out and charged at cost.

16. Gas pilot lights

i. Should be left on.

17. Operating Instructions.

i. Please ensure that operating instruction manuals are left at the property.

It is extremely important that all of these points are carried out before you vacate the premises and your deposit can be repaid to you. Clearly it is in your interest to ensure that all these points are adhered to. If you have any queries then please do not hesitate to contact us and if you would prefer to have professional cleaners and gardeners at your own expense then please contact us to make the necessary arrangements.

Finally: we should like to wish you well in your future home.