Thanks for all your help and also taking on managing the block and making some good progress on snags we’ve been having for some time.

Paul O’Connell
Savernake Court
4 July 2017

It is very obvious that you do an awful lot of good work for Charminster Close, so thank you again for this.

Martin Poole
Charminster Close
19 May 2016

Thank you John, so very efficient and helpful
If only other management companies were so resourceful and prompt.

Its refreshing to know of your service, it makes my job so much easier which is also a positive experience for leaseholders alike

Sara Lovesey

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12 June 2015

Thanks again for all the amazing work you’ve been doing around the site, its made a real difference and its comforting to know the site is now in safe hands.

Mr Fisher
Kimmeridge Close
25 May 2015

I have been very impressed with the service provided by Accounting Services Ltd, it is good to finally have a managing agent that knows what is going on and responds to enquiries as well as acting upon them. Long may it continue.

Geoff Praetzel
Barnum Court, Swindon
11 July 2014

I should like to express my thanks to you for your prompt and efficient responses to any problems I have as they are always dealt with very quickly.

Louise Stoneham
Applewood Court, Swindon
7 June 2014

When it comes to excellent property management there simply is no other choice. We had constant problems with our previous property manager and we were very fortunate to find John and Diana Morris to take over for us. They wasted no time resolving any outstanding issues as well as reducing costs relating to insurance and maintenance of the property. They quickly established a new process and even created a new website for us providing easy access to documentation.

In a nutshell they are one of the most professional, knowledgeable and approachable people I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

Chris Shakespeare
Orchard Court, Swindon
10 April 2014

We would also like to thank you for the good service that you have given to us and to the members of Heronbridge Close RTM Co. Ltd. There is definitely a big difference to the Close and it also definitely helped a great deal with our sale. We are sorry to be leaving and hope we can stay in touch even after we have moved.

Emlyn and Leah Jones
Heronbridge Close
23 March 2007