Safety at Home

Safety In Your Home

Preventing Fires:

• For your safety at home all our properties are fitted with smoke detectors. Please test them regularly to ensure they are working properly. If your detector is battery-powered ensure that you replace the batteries on an annual basis.

• Do not dry clothes over heaters

• If you must use chip pans never leave them unattended

Electrical Safety:

• Unplug all appliances when not in use

• Use the correct fuses in plugs

• Do not use any faulty switch or socket

• Do not touch exposed wires

• Do not touch wet fittings

• Don’t overload sockets. Avoid double adapters and use only one appliance at a time in a socket.

Electrical Problems

When you move into the property make sure that you know where the mains switch is, and how to turn off the electricity in an emergency. The mains switch is usually found in a cupboard along with the electricity meter and fuse box or circuit breaker.

Please report any electrical problems at the earliest opportunity.